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Marketing & Office Manager

Hillsboro West Self Storage

Hillsboro, OR
Posted: 4/22/21
Full Time

Oversee marketing strategies and initiatives. Manage daily operations of business to ensure reaching short-term and long-term goals, while also providing highest quality product and service to our customers. Pay Rate $18-$24/hr + bonuses & commissions. 12 months of satisfactory and above performance= min. $2500 bonus.


Assistant Facility Manager

Hillsboro West Self Storage

Hillsboro, OR
Posted: 4/22/21
Part Time

Storage & U-Haul are the main responsibilities of this role. Including daily operations, scheduling of reservations/rentals, collections, showing of rental spaces, administrative tasks, maintaining and ordering inventory. Pay Rate $16-$22/hr + bonuses & commissions. 12 months of satisfactory and above performance= min. $2500 bonus.




Our mission at Hillsboro West Self-Storage is to serve our Customers and Community with the utmost respect and dedication. By combining exceptional value with personalized and friendly service, we seek to establish strong and enduring relationships with our Customers and Community. Our Company is the preeminent leader of self-storage services in Washington County. Being locally owned and operated, each highly dedicated staff member takes pride of ownership in their store. This pride results in a rich Customer experience, a clean/well-maintained store and a personally fulfilled management team.


As a Manager, whether full-time or part-time, you will spend most of your work day working independently.

However, you are part of a much larger team, which includes your Senior Management Team and your peers across 7 stores in the Vancouver/Hillsboro area! Good communication will help you stay connected to support and resources to help you with efficient operations and answers to questions.

You are the direct contact and the face of the Company for our customers, as well as most vendors and solicitors.

We believe we can transform the storage experience by putting people first – and it starts with the first impression. Our customers have more choices than ever when it comes to storing their belongings, and they often solidify that choice within the first few minutes of interaction with you. Whether it’s over the phone, through email, or in person, how we welcome our customers reflects our business as a whole. And it can be a competitive advantage, too. While location, price, and facility features matter to our customers, great customer service can go a long way in engaging long-term, happy customers.


At Hillsboro West Self-Storage, we put people first. Across the Pacific Northwest, we are building a diverse community that thrives on making each day a little better for our customers and each other. We provide space for you to take ownership of your work, grow as a professional and uplift people who are going through their own transformation.

What will make you shine in your role is to live and breathe our values every day: show up fully, act with kindness, do the right thing, and embrace change.

We encourage you to bring these values to work as you perform.